Multilingual Wordpress Website

Multilingual Wordpress Website
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

I always considered it important to communicate with the most amount of minds possible, and translation is clearly the way to go to increase the reach of my words. So, I started looking for different options on the internet to find a way of writing content once and then letting a third-party service do the rest of the work.

My first approach was to use Microsoft Azure Translation API to generate a static website with python. But it was simply too much work, it may appear simple at the surface, but there is a lot of details one should take care of, so I abandoned the idea of doing it myself. I rather pay for something instead of burning my time.

About paying, yes, there is no other real option. You will need to pay for two things:

  • Translation Plugin
  • Translation Service

If lucky, you may be able to pay for only one of them, but it any case it won't be cheap. I'm to lazy to make a comparison table, but expect to spend around ~150USD/year. But it clearly worth the money.

Personally I ended up using translatepress, you get a free demo for two languages and no SEO options, I feel that's enough to get started and verify the plugin works as expected and does what one would expect.

I didn't use it, but I would also recommend taking a look at weglot it has a ton of integrations, and probably a very good service.

What thing to consider, is that it may be problematic to prevent the translation plugins from translating specific parts of your text. Currently what I found useful is to use the inline code option to prevent that from happening <code></code>. If you always use that then you can filter the code selector in your plugin options and it will work.